Wednesday, 14 June 2017

LED Lighting By Boyter Electrical Services

The full name of LED is a light emitting diode. LED’s are very much energy efficient, and they consume up to 90% less power than any other normal bulbs, since LEDs use only a fraction of power than normal bulbs. Both money and energy are saved if LED is used as it has a long term lifespan. These are the latest and the most advanced types of bulbs in the lighting industry. These provide us with energy efficiency. These are small, solid light bulbs which are long lasting. It lasts almost up to 60,000 hours as noted. Include LED lights to add elegance to your house as well as anywhere they are because they are of the latest version and they are the coolest ever. There are many qualities of LED lights such as:


LED bulbs are very energy efficient and save up to 90% of energy. So because of this, there is a huge dramatic decrease in power costs. Also, the money and the energy is saved in the maintenance of these bulbs as it has a huge long lasting lifespan. Because of this quality of its using low power, these bulbs are becoming extremely popular also in the remote areas.


LEDs have a lifespan of up to 60,000 hours as compared to the 1,500 hours of normal incandescent bulbs. And LED bulb will last over seven years which is very much fascinating. On an average, LED bulbs last ten times as long as the fluorescent bulbs and133 time longer than the incandescent bulbs.


LEDs use semiconductor instead of a filament or the neon gas. These bulbs do not use fragile components such as glass or filaments, so that’s why they can withstand shock, vibration and the extreme temperature.


Safety is the most important benefit of LED bulbs. These LEDs generate no heat so that’s why they are cool when touched and hence these bulbs can be left switched on for hours, and there will be no consequence of heat or any burning if touched. LEDs reduce risks such as burns and fires.


These LEDs are made up from non-toxic materials, unlike the fluorescent lighting that uses up mercury that may possess as a danger to the environment. LEDs are also recyclable bulbs, so that’s why they are also called “green” or “earth-friendly”.


LED lights are being offered in many base colours such as blue, green, red and amber. Because the traditional incandescent light bulbs use filters to produce colours, so that’s why they are inefficient. LEDs can be used to blend to form many various colours.


LEDs are supposed to replace all the incandescent bulbs. These are becoming the most preferred and the most popular bulbs ever. These lights are being used by both professionals and the residential people.

LEDs can be used in various ways such as residential lighting, aerospace industry, architectural use, automotive, broadcastings, entertainment and the gaming industry, traffic and transportation, etc. LEDs are focused lights, so that’s why they prove to be the best lighting task. They provide us with elegance as well as the efficiency that is the purest requirement of everyone. Call Boyter Electrical Services Ltd for more information on LED lighting

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